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Simplify a recipe, minimize your time in the grocery store and your kitchen. Add a pat of Compound Butter to boost the flavour of your dish with ease!





Compound butter is butter infused with supplementary ingredients. Savory or Sweet. Also known as a ‘finishing butter’. Used to enhance your meals with ease! Have more questions? Check out our FAQ.


The home cook can quickly and easily produce restaurant quality dishes at home thanks to Compound Butter. Start with these amazing recipes.


Latest Recipes

Scallops, Orzo, Asparagus & Bearnaise Compound Butter

Treat yourself and your guests with this quick and easy dish full of delicious flavour! The Bearnaise Compound Butter melts with the orzo and asparagus creating a luscious sauce. Ingredients: * Bearnaise Compound Butter – room temperature * Sea Scallops * Orzo Pasta * Fresh Asparagus Directions: * Prepare Orzo...
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