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Scallops, Orzo, Asparagus & Bearnaise Flavour

Treat yourself and your guests with this quick and easy dish full of delicious flavour! The Bearnaise flavour melts with the orzo and asparagus creating a luscious sauce.


* Bearnaise Buttery Compound – room temperature

* Sea Scallops

* Orzo Pasta

* Fresh Asparagus


* Prepare Orzo according to package directions

* As orzo cooks, blanch cleaned asparagus in salted water (3 minutes)

* Cut asparagus on the diagonal, bite size pieces, mix into cooked and drained orzo

* Mix Bearnaise Buttery Compound into orzo/asparagus mixture (1 tbsp per 1/2 cup – more or less depending on your preference of buttery goodness)

* Pat dry your scallops – salt and pepper one side

* In a HOT skillet with a little canola oil, place each scallop (don’t crowd them!) – salt and pepper other side

* Sear for 2 minutes until golden brown – turn over – sear for 1 minute – finish with a little of the Bearnaise Butter – remove from skillet to stop cooking process

* Serve over the orzo and asparagus

Pairs nicely with a simple green salad and/or a toasty baguette with our Roasted Garlic Butter